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Josh won "Team Science" Award in EFRC PI meeting

Joshua Howe, a post-doc in Sholl group, won one of the "Team Science" Awards from EFRC PI meeting with DOE. Congratulations for terrific achievement!

Dr. Sholl being recognized as a prolific author in JPCC

Prof. David Sholl was recognized by the American Chemical Society as one of the 10 most prolific authors in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C in the past 5 years. Find more by following the Link. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (JPCC) currently has an impact factor of 4.536, according to the 2016 Journal Citation Reports.

Publications in Sholl group

Ying Wu, Dai Tang, Ross Verploegh, and David Sholl published a journal title "Impacts of Gas Impurities from Piepeline Natural Gas on Methane Storage in Metal-Organic Frameworks during Long-Term Cycling" in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. The paper examined how accumulation of trace components from pipeline natural gas will impact the performance of MOFs in adsorbed natural gas during long-term cycling. Congratulations!

New Ph.D. in Sholl group

Ross Verploegh in Sholl group successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Ross had joined Georgia Tech at 2012 and his research has focused on predicting adsorbate diffusion in multivariate ZIFs using atomistic simulations. He has made a host of contributions while staying in Sholl group. Congratulations, and wish best luck in his future career!

Publication in Sholl group

Ross Verploegh, Ying Wu, and David Sholl published a journal article titled "Lattice-Gas Modeling of Adsorbate Diffusion in Mixed-Linker Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks: Effect of Local Imidazolate Ordering" in Langmuir. The journal article also was selected to be featured in ACS Editors' Choice due to its potential for broad public interest.

Lectures and Seminars

Dr. Sholl gave a keynote lecture at the 2017 Australia CCS Research Conference in Melbourne, Australia. He also gave a seminar to the Department of Chemistry and Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Adelaide.

1st Year Ph.D. Students Completed Ph.D. Qualifying Exams

Jonathan and Shimiao, Ph.D. students in Sholl group, had successfully passed the Ph.D. qualifying exams. Congratulations and best wishes on further progresses throughout Ph.D. course!

Lecture and Seminar by Dr. Sholl

Dr. Sholl gave the Miegunyah Public Lecture at the University of Melbourne in Australia. His talk was titled "Chemical Separations - A Critical Component of the World's Energy Budget." He also gave a seminar at Monash University in Melbourne.

Summer internship in Sholl group

Rebecca Han, Anny (Liu) Yang, and Mayank Agrawal, Ph.D. students in Sholl group, will be doing their internship during this summer at Milliken, Chevron, and Prixair, respectively. Best wishes on their new activities!

External fellowship recognition in Sholl group

Rebecca Han, a Ph.D. student in Sholl group, won external fellowship Eastman Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations on an outstanding achievement!

Publication in Sholl group

Krishna Jayachandrababu, a Ph.D. student in Nair group and co-advised by Dr. Sholl, published a paper in JACS entitled as Structural and Mechanistic Differences in Mixed-Linker Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework Synthesis by Solvent Assisted Linker Exchange (SALE) and de novo Routes. In this work, the effects of crystal size, temperature, and SALE duration were studied in detail, and a generalizable mechanism for SALE processes in ZIFs is proposed. Congratulations on nice work!

Academic Activity by Dr. Sholl

Dr. Sholl chaired six sessions on Process Intensification at the AIChE Spring Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, as part of the official kick-off of RAPID (Rapid Advancement in Process Intensification Deployment), a DOE-funded manufacturing institute led by AIChE. RAPID focuses to increase efficies and lower capital cost through rapid advancement in process intensification deployment.

Commentary in Nature Materials by Dr. Sholl

Dr. Lively and Dr. Sholl recently presented a commentary article in Nature Materials, entitled as From water to organics in membrane separations. This commentary covers membrane materials to achieve various separation processes and their capabilities for processing organic fluids which is expected to expand significantly. Take a moment to go through this insightful article!

Publication in Sholl group

Josh Howe and Anny (Yang) Liu, post-doctoral researcher and Ph.D. candidate in Sholl group, have recently published a paper in Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation. It was entitled as Acid Gas Adsorption on Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets as a Model of an "All-Surface" Material. It presents a computational study exploring multiple models of series of MOF-2 nanosheet materials. It leads to an understanding of phenomena unique to MOF surfaces and the importance of the periodicity in these materials in capturing surface-specific adsorption behaviors. Congratulations on their interesting work!

Dr. Sholl's presentation in Chemical & Engineering News

Chemical & Engineering News ran a feature story on Dr. David Sholl's talk "The Secrets of Memorably Bad Presentations". You can watch the lecture presented in the fall 2016 ChBE Seminar Series on YouTube.

Welcome to Alex Hyla

Dr. Alex Hyla joined the Sholl group as a new postdoctoral fellow. Alex is a recent Ph.D. graduate from School of Chemistry in Georgia Tech, where he worked with Prof. Jean-Luc Bredas. He is going to be working on our collaborative projects with ExxonMobil. Welcome Alex!

Awards in Sholl group

Anny (Yang) Liu, Ph.D. candidate in the Sholl group, won the best presentation award at the 5th International Education Forum on Energy and Environment Science in San Diego. The title of her talk was "Acid Gas Interaction with Metal-Organic Framework Nanosheets as a Model of an All-Surface Material". Congratulations on her outstanding work!

Publications in Sholl group

Rebecca Han, Ph.D. candidate in the Sholl group, and Josh Howe, post-doctoral researcher in Sholl group, have recently pulished papers in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C. They were entilted as Computational Model and Characterization of Stacking Faults in ZIF-8 Polymorphs by Rebecca and Understanding Structure, Metal Distribution, and Water Adsorption in Mixed-Metal MOF-74 by Josh. Congratulations on their exciting works!

Keynote presentation by Dr. Sholl

Dr. David Sholl was the Distinguished Keynote Speaker at the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Cal Poly Pomona.

Hui Wang joined the group as a visiting student

Hui Wang, a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Energy and Power Engineering at Xi'an Jiaotong University in China, has joined our group as a visiting student for next six months. He is currently focusing on gas capture using different multi-scale method. Hui will work on the screening of adsorbents for Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) chromatography while studying in our group. Welcome!

Rebecca won the 2016 Ziegler Award

Rebecca Han, Ph.D. candidate in our group, is the winner of the 2016 Ziegler Award for Best Ph.D. Proposal for "Computational Characterization of Disorder and Heterogeneity in Bulk MOF Structures." Congratulations!

New Ph.D. students in group: 2016 academic year

We are pleased to welcome two new Ph.D. students to Dr. Sholl's grouop: Shimiao Zhang and Jon Haydak. Shimiao has a BS from Zhejiang University and a MS from McMaster University. Jon ha a BS from University of Florida. Welcome all!

Dr. Sholl gave seminar about "Bad Talk" at ChBE seminar series

Dr. Sholl gave a fun talk about "The Secrets of Memorably Bad Presentations" at Georgia Tech's ChBE Seminar Series. Here is a link for the seminar available at youtube. Enjoy this fun talk, and hopefully you would learn something valuable from it!


Simon Pang (postdoctoral researcher in the Jones group and Lively group) and Chu Han (Ph.D. graduate student in the Sholl group) recently published the paper "Facet-Specific Stability of ZIF-8 in the Presence of Acid Gases Dissolved in Aqueous Solutions" in Chemistry of Materials. The primary finding of the work is that certain surface facets of ZIF-8 crystals are more resistant to acid-induced degradation than others.

Josh and Ross participated in ACS meeting

Josh Howe and Ross Verploegh both gave talks at the 252nd American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting and Exposition hosted in Philadelphia, PA. Their talks were titled Ab initio Study of Small Molecule Interactions in Mixed-metal Metal-organic Frameworks (ENFL: Division of Energy and Fuels) and Predicting Light Hydrocarbon Diffusion Through Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks for Separation Applications (ENFL: Division of Energy and Fuels).

Invited Seminars and Lectures

Prof. David Sholl gave invited seminars at the University of Seoul and at Seoul National University in South Korea. Prof. Sankar Nair was a plenary lecturer at the International Zeolite Membrane Meeting in Dalian, China. Prof. David Sholl and ChBE alum Prof. Dun-yen Kang from the National Taiwan University also gave keynote lectures at the meeting.

Mayank participated in a workshop on LAMMPS

Mayank Agrawal, one of the current Ph.D. students in our group, participated in a workshop on LAMMPS - titled "Molecular Dynamics for Modern Materials with LAMMPS" - at Temple University, Philadelphia.

Jin Shang became a professor in Hong Kong

Dr. Jin Shang, one of the former postdoctoral fellows in our group, became a professor at the City University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong. Congratulations and we all wish the best luck on his further career.

Dr. Sholl gave invited presentations at the Gordon Conference on Membranes

Dr. David Sholl and Dr. Ryan Lively both gave invited presentations at the Gordon Conference on Membranes in New London, New Hampshire.

Anny and Ross gave talks at ICIM

Anny Lui and Ross Verploegh both gave talks at the 14th International Conference on Inorganic Membranes (ICIM, 14th edition) hosted at Georgia Tech. Their talks were titled Increased Acid Gas Resistance and Gas separations in Porous Organic Cage Crystals and Predicting Light Hydrocarbon Diffusion Through Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks using Classical Atomistic Simulations for Enhanced Membrane Separations.

2nd Year Ph.D. Students completed Ph.D. Proposals

Our 2nd year Ph.D. students - Anny, Rebecca, and Mayank - completed their Ph.D. proposals. Congratulations on their successful completion, and wish best lucks on their further research.

Seminar by Dr. Sholl

David Sholl and Ryan Lively, the faculty members in our school, attended the 2nd AltSep workshop on alternative separation methods, hosted by the ACS Green Chemistry Institute in Baltimore, Maryland.

Jongwoo Park takes over as Group Meeting/News Coordinator

Jongwoo is going to coordinate the group meeting schedules and group news beginning from July 01, 2016.

Congratulations to Dr. Xiaowa Nie on Associate Professor position at the Dalian University of Technology in Dalian China

Dr. Xiaowa Nie has accepted a position as an Associate Professor in the Department of Catalysis Chemistry and Engineering within the School of Chemical Engineering at the Dalian University of Technology in Dalian China.

Congratulations to Xuerong Shi

Congratulations to Xuerong Shi (a former postdoc in our group), whose paper stemming from a collaboration with the Sykes group at Tufts on the adsorption of thioethers on metal surfaces has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Chemical Physics.