Graduate Students

All current graduate students in the Sholl Group are below. Click on their images to see their personal pages.

Mayank Agrawal

PhD Candidate

Mayank studies the influence of xylene adsorption on flexible MOFs

Souryadeep Bhattacharyya

PhD Candidate, co-advised by Nair

Souryadeep studies the effects of acid gas degradation on the adsorption and separation properties of ZIFs

Andrew Chen

PhD Student

Andrew is a first year student who will be developing and quantifying adsorption space

Lalit A Darunte

PhD Candidate, co-advised by Jones & Walton

Lalit performs process modeling for CO2 capture

John Findley

PhD Candidate

John studies short range alumninum ordering in zeolites

Chu Han

PhD Candidate

Chu studies acid gas-induced point defects in bulk and surfaces of MOFs

Rebecca Han

PhD Candidate

Rebecca focuses on the thermodynamics of extended defects in MOFs

Omar I Knio

PhD Candidate

Omar focuses on finding suitable structure directing agents for 2D zeolites

Yang "Anny" Liu

PhD Candidate

Anny studies acid gas adsorption on porous materials

Jongwoo Park

PhD Candidate

Jongwoo studies sub-ambient CO2 adsorption in MOFs

Jungseob So

PhD Candidate, co-advised by Sievers

Jungseob studies catalytic activity of various surfaces

Hongjian "David" Tang

Visiting PhD Student

Hongjian is visiting from Southeast University in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. He will stay in the Sholl Group until September 2018

Wenqin You

PhD Candidate

Wenqin focuses on finding MOFs to improve the efficiency of gas separations for the OCM process


Graduate Student

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