Postdoctoral Researchers

All current postdoctoral researchers in the Sholl Group are below. Click on their images to see their personal pages.

Dr. Salah E Boulfelfel

Post Doctoral Researcher

Salah uses enhanced MD sampling techniques to make quantitative predictions of hydrocarbon diffusion in zeolites

Dr. Hanjun Fang

Post Doctoral Researcher

Hanjun is developing first-principles force fields for gas molecules in zeolites

Dr. Alexander S Hyla

Post Doctoral Researcher

Alex earned his PhD from the School of Chemistry at GT. He has extensive experience with DFT.

Dr. Joshua D Howe

Post Doctoral Researcher

Josh leads a first-principles investigation of acid gas iteractions with oxide materials

Dr. Dai Tang

Post Doctoral Researcher

Dai is focusing on the adsorption of large adsorbates in MOFs while including the effects of flexbility


Postdoctoral Researcher

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